Side Projects

Matching Pairs

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Matching Pairs is a traditional game that tests the player's memory. In each round, a total of 16 cards are presented face down to the player. The player chooses to flip two cards. If they share the same pattern, they are cleared. If they have different patterns, they are laid face down. The player are asked to clear all the cards as fast as possible.


Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Library used: Math.js
Calculator is a device frequently used in our daily life. It can perform basic mathematical calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Everyone has events that are worth remembering for the rest of his or her life. Memories is a widget that keeps a record of every memorable event in one's life and displays the event in terms of duration in comparison with other events.

Image Comparison

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
This widget is useful whenever you are uncertain if two images that look identical are actually the same. Even if one image is a duplicate of the other, one of them may have been slightly and imperceptibly modified. This widget compares two images in terms of data URL, filename, time of last modification, size, and file format.